Two large diameter NCCM<sup>®</sup> Premier Yellow bridle rolls

NCCM® Premier Yellow

The Proven High-Value Nonwoven Roll NCCM Design Element

Perspective view of an NCCM<sup>®</sup> Premier Yellow nonwoven roll on a metal shaft

The yellow original—outstanding in technical features, performance and service life


The renowned NCCM® Premier Yellow outperforms any other nonwoven roll in the world and has been a world-class benchmark for 25+ years! With applications such as wringing, oiling, de-oiling, blank washing, and more, the Yellow roll is custom-engineered to succeed in multiple industries and applications. Features such as repairability, long life, high coefficient of friction, and fluid control contribute to the Yellow roll’s dominance. Repairability allows the roll to be easily fixed instead of replaced. The long life of the roll is paired with consistent performance, saving companies downtime and replacement costs. High coefficient of friction reduces metal strip slippage and hydroplaning, and fluid control can be precisely determined and controlled. With documented case studies, compelling technical arguments, and a team of NCCM certified VARs (value-added resellers) ready to analyze specific cases, the choice to place the Yellow roll in your line is clear. Connect with us to learn more!


Perspective view of an NCCM<sup>®</sup> Premier Yellow nonwoven roll on a metal shaft.
Product Positioning

First choice TECH SOLUTION roll
Outstanding in performance, features and long life

Technical Specs

NCCM<sup>®</sup> Premier Yellow chart outlining densities, temperatures, sizes, pressures and other specifications


Chart listing the features and benefits of the NCCM<sup>®</sup> Premier Yellow nonwoven roll
Chart listing various applications, such as wringing and oiling, in which the NCCM<sup>®</sup> Premier Yellow excels

Process Lines

Chart showing primary metals lines in which NCCM<sup>®</sup> Premier Yellow nonwoven rolls can operate

NCCM Design Element

Technical Know-How

NCCM products' porosity and compressibility ensure consistent fluid control performance. The amount of residual fluid can be precisely tuned to your application through operational parameters and roll engineering. This consistent fluid performance makes the NCCM® Premier Yellow the best blank washing roll in the industry. Connect with an NCCM representative to get started and find your VAR (value-added reseller).

Diagram demonstrating NCCM<sup>®</sup> Premier Yellow precision fluid control

The NCCM® Premier Yellow sets the global benchmark for proven coefficient of friction, specifically for oiled steel and aluminum surfaces. The coefficient of friction is a key feature of any nonwoven, but NCCM nonwoven rolls truly excel in this area. Strip slippage can be completely eliminated by installing a custom-engineered NCCM roll.

Bar graph comparing NCCM<sup>®</sup> Premier Yellow, N2, conventional nonwoven and rubber roll coefficients of friction

NCCM Design Element