NCCM Design Element


World-class from pre-sales to after-sales

The NCCM value for OEMs and machine builders is the in-depth technical design competence we bring to each new roll based on broad application engineering knowledge. Our service does not end with an order being supplied: with our global presence and comprehensive network, we also provide on-site installation support and local follow-up service for each new roll installed around the world.

  • Pre-sales application engineering and roll design consultation
  • Precise alignment of roll specification with the machine requirements
  • Full scope roll manufacturing, including shafts and accessories
  • Application-specific nonwoven sleeves in different cost and performance categories
  • Global on-site after-sales support
Technical CAD drawing of an NCCM<sup>®</sup> Premier Yellow roll and its shaft

NCCM<sup>®</sup> Premier Yellow rolls in an open machine at a shop with the shop operator standing by

NCCM Design Element