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NCCM® Drag Pads

Unmatched Range of Materials and Densities for
High-Speed Coil Slitting Lines

NCCM is the premier supplier of felt and carpet Drag Pads for coil slitting lines. We use 100% polyester fibers and offer a variety of density and thickness alternatives to match your application. We also supply both cut-pile and loop-style carpets, with action-back and enhanced-back alternatives.

Features and Benefits

• Polyester, Wool, Kevlar, SAE F-Series Felts

• Cut-Pile or Loop Carpets

• High Quality, Competitive Pricing

• Quick Turnaround

• Consignment and Stocking Programs Available

Our Service commitment

Our commitment is to produce quality products through innovation, teamwork and applying technology to our customer’s needs.

NCCM Design Element