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Industrial Rolls

A Wide Selection of Rolls for Metal Processing Applications

NCCM rolls set the industry standard for superior performance and longevity. Our thorough and state-of-the-art processes include detailed inbound inspections, precision repair work, complete assembly, and final laser inspections so you know you are getting industry-leading quality. We have fluid testing capabilities that allow us to duplicate your operating environment, so that we can recommend the best-performing roll for your application. Whether it is roll repair, roll reconditioning, or complete rebuild, NCCM handles all of your logistics for a swift turnaround. Applications include bridle rolls, cleaning and abrasive brush rolls, Chemtreat® applicator rolls, conveyor rolls, damming rolls, deflector rolls, de-oiler rolls, feeder rolls, furnace rolls, ironing rolls, leveler rolls, measuring rolls, oiler rolls, pinch rolls, snubber rolls, squeegee rolls, steering rolls, table rolls, tension rolls, tube mill rolls, wiper rolls, wringer rolls, and vacuum rolls.


TOHO® Rolls
A&A Furnace Rolls
3M Scotch-Brite™ Flap Brushes
Abrasive and Synthetic Filament Brushes
Polyurethane Rolls 

TOHO® Rolls

Engineered from the Sole U.S. Manufacturer.
Toho® Rolls are made from individual, non-woven synthetic fiber discs and compressed together to form a porous, resilient, self-healing structure. Specifically engineered to excel in low-speed and low-pressure environments, Toho® Rolls can outlast traditional squeegee or wringer rolls up to 10 times. For use in tough chemical environments as well as water/oil, Toho® Rolls deliver consistent surface contact and handle production fluids efficiently, and provide a higher coefficient-of-friction than rubber or urethane rolls. 

Features and Benefits
Long Operating Life (up to 10x rubber rolls)
Resilient, Cut-Resistant
High Level of Fluid Control (pH 0-14)
Low-Speed, Low-Pressure Applications
Highly Economical 


Leveler Rolls, new and serviced (in North America only)

We service existing and supply new Leveler Rolls manufactured from quenched, tempered, and hardened special alloy steels and used in multiple metals processing applications and equipment.


Urethane and Rubber Rolls

We can manufacture and service Polyurethane / Rubber rolls to accommodate automotive blank/coil washers, primary metal processing lines, and many other line types.


3M Scotch-BriteTM and Bristle Brush Rolls

From descaling to surface grinding and finishing. At NCCM, we are also experts for all kinds of products, applications, and solutions using abrasive nonwoven and filament technology.


NCCM Design Element