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NCCM® V-Series

Long-Life Nonwoven Wipes and Bars

Perspective view of the V-Series, which includes a yellow NCCM<sup>®</sup> Mill Wipe and red NCCM<sup>®</sup> Wiper Bar II

Unique nonwoven technology for sweeping and wiping applications


NCCM® V-Series nonwoven wipes and bars take the place of rubber, felt or cork products in a variety of material handling applications. As a versatile, high-value solution for consistent and long-lasting performance, the NCCM® V-Series replaces easily-gouged and damaged traditional materials. NCCM® Wiper Bar II excels in applications demanding fluid control and squeegee capabilities. NCCM® Mill Wipeis an excellent choice for oxide and debris removal, as well as other sweeping, wiping, and cleaning applications. Cost savings are often realized due to the minimization of costly line downtime for traditional bar replacements. In addition, the uniform, even-edged, and long-lasting performance of the NCCM® V-Series increases product processing quality. Compressibility also contributes to NCCM® Mill Wipe and NCCM® Wiper Bar II success as the material maintains tight and uniform contact with uneven surfaces and varying thicknesses. Connect with an NCCM representative to get started and find your VAR (value-added reseller).

NCCM Design Element

Technical Know-How

NCCM® Mill Wipeis an excellent choice for sweeping applications requiring debris removal, such as on a work roll. The peelable layers of the Mill Wipe spread on the surface of the roll to absorb particles, shards, and other debris. NCCM® Wiper Bar II excels in fluid and squeegee applications to remove excess fluid from the strip surface.

NCCM® Wiper Bar II (red) is a more durable bar for scraping adhered debris or providing a static, solid edge for fluid control. NCCM® Mill Wipe (yellow) is made of nonwoven layers. This contributes to the product's long life; if one layer becomes dirty, simply peel off to reveal a clean layer. This layered makeup provides the excellent debris sweeping and absorption the product is known for. Both products can be ordered to a specified thickness for a variety of applications.

Photo of NCCM<sup>®</sup> Mill Wipe with some of the layers peeled back

NCCM Design Element