NCCM Design Element

NCCM Design Element

Shafts and Bearings

Besides the world-leading Nonwoven Roll technology, NCCM’s roll service centers in North America, Europe (Barcelona/Spain), and Asia (Shanghai/China) are also having long-standing histories and experience in a variety of additional complementary products and services. We are not only the global hybrid experts in high-performance ROLLS of all kinds PLUS NONWOVEN TECHNOLOGY but would look forward to supporting you with any of our complementary add-on products as well. So please challenge us with your demands.

Custom Engineered Shaft Machining and Fabrication

In addition to our high-performance roll covers, we offer custom-made shafts in excellent quality and a comprehensive range of sizes and alloys.


Fabricated Steel Roll Storage Boxes and Racks

We design a complete set of strong, STACKABLE STEEL BOXES for shipping and storage. Your spare rolls can be stored safely and efficiently, taking up less room on your floor.


Bearing Block Manufacturing and Servicing

We replace the bearings, rebuild, and reposition your bearing blocks, so the roll can easily slip back into place, ready to perform.


NCCM Design Element