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Primary Metals

Upgrades in process line efficiency you would not imagine

At NCCM, we focus on surface quality and fluid control functions as well as end-user production process upgrades to deliver significant customer value, including increased line speeds and reduced manufacturing costs. Based on broad global know-how and longstanding experience in coil and sheet processing applications for steel, aluminum, and other non-ferrous metals, NCCM Company develops and engineers customized nonwoven roll solutions. Our products excel in the primary metals market due to unparalleled long life. This quality leads to more line uptime, which decreases operating, maintenance, and unplanned downtime costs. With a range of products for any price or performance constraint or necessity, NCCM can provide the right solution for any line.

  • Rolls for various applications, including wringer rolls, oiling rolls, squeegee rolls, chemical cleaning rolls, bridle rolls, vacuum rolls, tension rolls, measuring rolls, etc.
  • Custom-engineered to each specific application
  • Support through NCCM’s global presence and partnerships
Two NCCM<sup>®</sup> Premier Yellow rolls wringing steaming hot liquid off of a piece of sheet metal running through a blue machine

Metal coils stacked in a pyramid
Here are some of the most common places in coil and sheet processing lines and mills NCCM products operate to provide significant upgrades in product quality and process line efficiency:

• APL – Annealing and Pickling Lines
• BAL – Bright Annealing Lines
• CAL – Continuous Annealing Lines
• CCL – Coil Coating Lines
• CCL – Color Coating Lines
• CTL – Cut-to-length Lines
• CGL – Continuous Galvanizing Lines
• CL – Cleaning Lines
• CPL – Continuous Pickling Lines
• CRM – Cold Rolling Mills
• DL – Degreasing Lines
• DPL – Descaling and Pickling Lines
• ECL – Electrolytic Cleaning Lines
• EGL – Electrolytic Galvanizing Lines
• ETL – Electrolytic Tinning Lines
• GL – Grinding Lines
• HDGL – Hot-Dip Galvanizing Lines
• LM – Lamination Lines
• OCL – Organic Coating Lines
• PL – Painting Lines
• PL – Passivation Lines
• PL – Pickling Lines
• RM – Reversing Mills
• SL – Slitting Lines
• SPM – Skin-pass Mills
• TL – Transfer Lines
• TLL – Tension Leveling Lines
• TM – Tandem Mills
• TM – Temper Mills

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