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Value-Add Nonwoven Rolls

Perspective view of the NCCM<sup>®</sup> NS nonwoven roll on a metal shaft

The Soft Touch solution—eliminates scratches and ensures mirror finish surface processing

NCCM® NS delicately handles the most specialized surfaces to reduce material damage and the resulting material waste. If product rejection costs are increasing due to scratches or gouges, NCCM® NS is a worthwhile investment. Connect with an NCCM representative to get started and find your VAR (value-added reseller).

Perspective view of an NCCM<sup>®</sup> NS nonwoven roll on a metal shaft
Product Positioning

SOFT TOUCH scratch avoidance and debris absorbing wringer roll for highly demanding metal surfaces

Technical Specs

NCCM<sup>®</sup> NS chart outlining densities, temperatures, sizes, pressures and other specifications


Chart listing the features and benefits of the NCCM<sup>®</sup> NS nonwoven roll.
Chart listing various applications, such as wringing and oiling, in which the NCCM<sup>®</sup> NS operates at a high level

Process Lines

Chart showing primary metals lines in which NCCM<sup>®</sup> NS nonwoven rolls can operate

NCCM Design Element

Technical Know-How

The NCCM® NS nonwoven roll utilizes Soft Touch technology to reduce damage on sensitive metal strips. The roll can pull shards and debris into itself. Most rubber or urethane rolls become marked, trapping the piece of debris against the strip, which damages the length of the strip.

Side-by-side comparison of NCCM<sup>®</sup> NS vs. rubber roll's ability to absorb debris to prevent strip marking

NCCM Design Element