01 Mission

To lead each industry we serve by providing cutting edge and high value-add products and services that improve NCCM customers’ productivity and product quality while decreasing the cost of production and environmental footprint. We accomplish this through trust, strong relationships, and advanced roll technologies and approach our business calling with a transformative, philanthropic mindset.

02 Company Profile

After purchasing the intellectual property for 3M‘s proprietary technology and material in 2009, Brent and Jewels Niccum, along with their sons Lew and Cole, took a step of faith and founded NCCM Company. Brent's 20 years of experience with 3M mill roll research and development technology and Jewels' experience in marketing has catapulted NCCM into the position of the global market leader in nonwoven roll technology and development. The company’s high value-add products can be found in a variety of markets including primary metals, automotive, OEM, and material handling. NCCM currently has locations or resellers located in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

03 Our Story

NCCM is all about people, products and legacy. According to our founders and owners, Brent, Jewels, Lew, and Cole Niccum, these three words summarize the story of NCCM.


As a family-owned and operated company, people are of primary importance to our success as a company. We depend on every member of our team, and every person brings value. Our people make it possible to produce the level of quality that has made us the global industry leader in nonwoven mill rolls. Our people include our VARs, partners, and customers, without whom we would not be where we are today

We are committed to the continuous improvement of current products and the innovative development of new products and technologies. We offer world-class 3M-based products as well as product lines from our internally-developed technology. Dedication to product innovation and success is carried out through technical testing, feedback from customers, maintaining a problem-solving mindset, continual R&D, and regular strategic planning. 

Finally, legacy is a key theme of the philosophy behind the NCCM vision. Brent, Jewels, Lew, and Cole Niccum are committed to continuing the legacy of innovation and integrity inherited from 3M while forging their family-focused path on a global scale. They desire to move into the future dedicated to developing people and products to leave a legacy that will continue to make a transformative difference in lives and communities for generations to come.

04 Culture

Often people ask us what NCCM stands for. It is the Niccum name spelled without vowels, and it takes on a secondary meaning as an acronym for the culture that defines our company.

N: Next Level

We recognize that everyone is created with amazing and yet unrealized potential. Therefore, we desire to see the company grow by encouraging every team member to move to the next level in their own growth and skill development. Whether that comes in the form of on-the-job training specific to a certain task or workshop training designed to develop leaders, everyone is asked to learn and grow through continuous education. We see this as one of the keys to realizing our full potential as a company; as each team member realizes their full potential, the company gains another step toward realizing its full potential. Our next level commitment extends to our customers as well. This is substantiated in our quality service commitment to providing 360-degree service as well as providing custom-engineered products. We are confident our service and products will push our customers' operations and quality to the next level. 

C: Curiosity → Connection

Curiosity leads to greater connection and allows us to come together and encourage productive dialogue and problem-solving. Curiosity is the first step toward understanding and connection. To remain static in today’s ever-evolving world is to fail. Therefore, staying curious is an important part of continuous innovation. As curiosity blossoms, people start asking questions, bringing up ideas, and creating a community of collaboration. 

C: Contribution

A company’s culture is only as strong as the collective contribution of each employee. We ask everyone to contribute to our speak-up culture by sharing their observations and ideas to improve themselves, their coworkers, and the company. 

M: Measurement

The quality of our culture is measured by the time gap that exists between a problem occurring and the involved parties engaging in constructive, effective, and problem-solving dialogue with the correct members of the organization. A speak-up culture saves time and expense, increases effectiveness, and decreases job stress; therefore, we ask every team member to make that gap smaller and smaller by continually measuring our culture by this standard. 

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Career Opportunities

When you join NCCM Company, you become part of our family. We invest in our culture and offer employees competitive salaries, wonderful benefits, work-life balance, and a next level culture! Interested in joining our team? Connect with us today!

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