NCCM<sup>®</sup> CX roll operating in chemical fluid

NCCM® CX-Series

Chemically-Resistant Nonwoven Rolls

Perspective view looking down on of both the NCCM<sup>®</sup> CX and CX-Plus nonwoven rolls on metal shafts

Advanced solutions for caustic, alkaline and acidic applications


Count on NCCM Company in aggressive environments. Our NCCM® CX-Series mill rolls are the ideal choice for harsh caustic, alkaline and acidic chemistries. They are specially designed to achieve peak performance in caustic cleaners on tinning, galvanizing, or coil coating lines. Self-healing properties provide cut resistance against strip edge damage, and the wear resistance of our high-tech nonwoven material extends roll life long past traditional rubber coverings. Custom-engineered to specification, they can also make a significant contribution to increased productivity and outperform rubber rolls in pickling lines by far. Connect with an NCCM representative to get started and find your VAR (value-added reseller).

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Perspective view of the NCCM<sup>®</sup> CX chemical nonwoven roll on a metal shaft
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Perspective view of the NCCM<sup>®</sup> CX-Plus chemical nonwoven roll on a metal shaft
NCCM® CX rolls have excellent cover lifetime and wringing ability in caustic and acidic environments. Self-healing properties provide cut resistance against strip edge damage, and our high-tech nonwoven material’s wear resistance extends roll life long past traditional rubber coverings. The excellent wringing ability is based on porosity and contributes to the impressive performance of the rollover time.
Long-life roll for CHEMICALLY-DEMANDING applications and positions
NCCM® CX-Plus rolls excel in environments with higher temperature and pressure requirements than the NCCM® CX roll can service. Long life and cut resistance separate the CX-Plus nonwoven rolls from traditional materials that wear and break down quickly.
Long-life roll for HIGHER PRESSURE AND TEMPERATURE demanding chemical applications and positions

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Technical Know-How

NCCM® CX and CX-Plus chemical wringer rolls operate in a variety of pressure and temperature ranges. NCCM custom engineers each roll for its specific application.

Graph depicting the inverse relationship between maximum pressure and maximum operating temperature of NCCM<sup>®</sup> chemical wringer rolls

The NCCM® CX-Series has been tested and found to work in all of the listed solutions. To gain more technical information about this product or to check to see if NCCM® CX-Series nonwovens will operate in your specific solution, contact us.


1. Sulfuric Acid
2. Hydrochloric Acid
3. Acetyl tributyl Citrate
4. Isopar M
5. Bonderite 1310 1421, 427-RLK
6. Deionized Water

7. Phosphoric Acid
8. PME
9. Norpar
10. Nitric Acid
11. Nickle Flash
12. Chloramine

Photo of large NCCM<sup>®</sup> CX chemical roll in a machine
Photo of two large NCCM<sup>®</sup> CX-Plus chemical rolls in a machine

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