RK Mill Rolls

NCCM® RK Series Mill Rolls Deliver Outstanding Bridle Control

The NCCM® RK Series Mill Roll is designed to be the world's best bridle roll and the top choice for use with large diameter metal coils. It’s recognized for great, consistent, and long-lived coefficient of friction in some of the most demanding operations - particularly aluminum applications. In instances when competitive products have created bridle slipping, the problem was resolved when a RK Series Mill Roll was installed.

The RK Mill Roll is made from many of the same 3M component materials as the NCCM Neutral Mill Roll, so it offers benefits similar to other NCCM Materials. But unlike the neutral mill roll, the RK mill roll has a unique unified sleeve construction which makes it the most durable non-woven roll on the market in terms of edge cut. The roll’s long life approaches “install it and forget it."

Besides the great life and coefficient of friction, the RK Mill Roll, like other NCCM rolls, minimizes strip marking. All these factors have made the RK Mill Roll a favorite for use on large diameter deflector rolls such as the exit end of push-pull pickle lines before the recoiler.

Reduced Line Downtime
One NCCM Mill Roll can last longer than up to 100 rubber rolls. That means fewer roll changes which reduces costly line downtime and fewer unplanned stops. Environmental savings include a significant reduction in the cost of transporting rolls, a reduction in the space required to store spare rolls and a significant reduction in waste disposal.

Reduced maintenance costs
NCCM Mill Rolls are resistant to cuts and gouges so they require fewer repairs that reduce productivity. If a problem does occur, the rolls can be quickly and easily repaired instead of replacing the roll.

Improved process control
NCCM Mill Rolls are uniformly porous. This results in a roll that maintains tight contact with the metal strip for optimal wringing performance. The rolls have a coefficient of friction up to 24 times greater compared to rubber or urethane rolls, improving material control by reducing metal coil slippage and hydroplaning.

Maintain integrity of process fluids
The porosity of NCCM Mill Rolls makes the roll compressible and better able to conform to variations in gauge thickness. Maintaining consistently tight contact across the metal coil produces uniform wringing which significantly reduces chemical carry-out from tank to tank and reduces the need for drying. Because tank chemistry is more consistently contained, chemical disposal costs and the need to add chemicals are reduced.

Fewer coil surface defects
Metal shards and debris can become trapped on the surface of rubber or urethane rolls causing defects on the metal coil. The porous, non-woven material of NCCM Mill Rolls tends to embed small particles into the roll, where it is less likely to come into contact with the metal surface.

Lower energy costs
NCCM Mill Rolls have a high coefficient of friction which can eliminate the need for auxiliary motors while simultaneously allowing faster line processing speeds and better steering. Because NCCM Mill Rolls provide thorough, uniform wringing, the need for drying can be reduced or eliminated as well.

Overall, the use of NCCM Mill Rolls results in increased operational efficiency through less downtime and faster line speeds