NCCM<sup>®</sup> Premier Yellow nonwoven roll controlling fluid on a metal blank

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NCCM® Premier Yellow

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The Proven High-Value Nonwoven Roll

The yellow original—outstanding in technical features, performance and service life

A pair of NCCM<sup>®</sup> Premier Yellow nonwoven rolls wringing fluid from a metal strip.


A pair of NCCM<sup>®</sup> Premier Yellow nonwoven rolls wringing fluid from a metal strip.
Unlike other nonwoven rolls, NCCM nonwoven rolls can be easily repaired and reground. Due to the individually-bonded nonwoven disc construction of our rolls, NCCM is able to replace sections of the roll, allowing companies to avoid wasting time and money with frequent replacements. After repairs and regrinds, the rolls can be placed back in the application for continued high performance.
Several characteristics, such as repairability, compressibility, and resistance to damage, contribute to the NCCM feature of long life. Due to NCCM rolls’ life-long high performance, fewer inferior replacement rolls are needed. Even at a more expensive upfront cost, a one-time investment in high-quality NCCM rolls ends up costing less than continuous smaller payments toward frequently-replaced rolls. Longer roll life and high performance translates into less money spent and can make an impact on your bottom line.
NCCM nonwoven rolls excel in the coefficient of friction above and beyond competing rubber and urethane rolls. This difference is most notably seen on wet or oiled strips. NCCM rolls’ porosity and individually-bonded nonwoven disc construction allow them to absorb excess fluid and debris, reduce hydroplaning, decrease strip slippage, and increase grip on the product.
NCCM nonwoven rolls’ porosity, superior durability, resistance to damage, and compressibility allow for an increase in fluid control capabilities. This can equate to less fluid waste, fewer water spots on the strip, and a consistently higher-quality product. In the automotive industry, precisely-controlled fluid applied to the blank reduces stamping defects and scrap in the manufacturing process.

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Fabtech 2022

Fabtech 2022

NCCM will be exhibiting at the Fabtech 2022 tradeshow in Atlanta, November 8th-10th, 2022. Come visit us in booth A2258 and see the latest products, developments, and innovative solutions NCCM has to offer.    

3rd Annual Golf Memorial Tournament

Lew Niccum Golf Memorial Tournament

God bless you and thank you Niccum family and friends.



NCCM had a strong showing at the 2022 AIST tradeshow in Pittsburgh, PA.  It was great to meet familiar faces as well as those new to the industry and showcase the latest products and developments at NCCM.  We look forward to more great conversations at the 2023 AIST show in Detroit, MI.    

NCCM KwickSaddle® 


When using Kwicksaddles®, service centers have realized as much as 60% savings on tension pads and other labor costs.    

NCCM Drag Pads 

NCCM is the premier supplier of felt and carpet Drag Pads for coil slitting lines.   

AISTech 2022 

AIST 2022

NCCM exhibited at the AIST 2022 tradeshow. Thanks to all those that stopped by!   


NEW! Nonwoven Roll Technology

NCCM has developed and engineered rolls designed to exceed in cross brush cleaners and electrostatic oiler machines.   

NCCM Transformation Foundation


The Niccum family founded the NCCM Transformation Foundation (NCCMTF) in 2016 to give back and spread transformation to individuals, families, communities, and nations.